Tabata timer

If you want to exercise Tabata routine, you will need to use a stopwatch. The stopwatch is important for interval training including Tabata. However much better is a Tabata timer.

The Tabata timer is special stopwatch with  time intervals and acoustic signalization. You have two options. Either you can download an apps for your mobile device or you can play video via Youtube. prefers to play Tabata timers via Youtube. There are a lot advantages.

– you don´t need to download app

– you don´t need to install app

– you don´t need to permit access to your mobile device

– you don´t need to set up app

– Through Youtube you can play Tabata timers anywhere and anytime. You need only internet access.


Our Tabata timers contain one Tabata routine. One routine has 8 rounds. Each round is divided to two parts. In first part you have to workout 20 seconds. In second part you rest 10 seconds. Total time is 4 minutes.

The Timers has acoustic signalizations. However, the most important advantage is list of exercises. You don´t have to think which type of exercises to choose. The timers contain exercises.

You can choose several different timers. Now, we offer you bodyweight workouts.

You don´t  need to use tools in the gym. It is easy. All you need is here.

Only one click and you can exercise

Here is list of Tabata timers:

Tabata – isometric exercises

Tabata – Bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight Tabata Workout

Tabata timer – framework

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Tabata – Bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight Tabata Workout

Tabata timer – framework