A Tabata is one of the best interval training. If you want to exercise effectively, you will try Tabata routine. The Tabata is subcategories a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). A routine is divided to two part – workout part and rest part. This principle is much better than classical training.

If you are looking for increase strength, lose weight, improve flexibility or build muscle, we will recommend you Tabata routine.

What is Tabata Training?

One Tabata routine has only four minutes. This routine is divided to 8 rounds. One round contains workout and rest part.

The structure of the program is as follows:

20 secondswork out hard

10 secondsrest

You can do any exercises such as burpee, push up, squat, mountain climbers or plank. It depends on you. Complex exercises or any other exercise that works your large muscle groups are a good choise.


20 sec – Burpee10 sec – rest, 20 sec – Squat jumps10 sec – rest, 20 sec – Sit ups10 sec – rest, 20 sec – Jumping Jacks10 sec – rest, 20 sec – Push ups10 sec – rest, 20 sec – Bicycle crunch10 sec – rest, 20 sec – Sprint on the spot10 sec – rest, 20 sec – Plank10 sec – rest


Tabata timer

All you need is a timer. Timer is special kind of stopwatch. We offer you genuine timers for your training. Each times contains an intervals and acoustic signals.

However, the best benefit is list of exercise. You don´t  need to think which exercises choise. All is free.

Just one click and exercise!


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